Women Empowerment

Women Growth leads to Growth of our Society. Women are the back bone our society, if it breaks, then our society will be finished. But there is a great unfortunate that this backbone is not being empowered. Empowerment means giving rights to a person.

I am going to tell you about Conmen Empowerment and its importance and reason.

Women is an essential part of our society. There are many relations connected with women. A single girl join two family when she marry. A single Women bring happiness and maintain the family .A women same her Family. But the worst thing is that the women are not empowered, there society has restricted the rights of a women. Women are measured lesser than house. The People of old thinking never give opportunity to their wife, sister, daughter etc. but now the trend has changed. The women has a step ahead than women, then you will teach a society many indolent was to undertaken by women in different part of the world.

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Lakshmi Bai, Panna Dhay and Many women are there who sacrificed their life for the safety of kingdom. Women is a mother, sister, daughter etc. Never kill the girl child. Never always respect a Women.

Over all, Women employment is Essential. The women must give also chances of growth. They should be respected instead of beating programs to save girl child and for women.

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