How To Download Torrent Directly Into Your Google Drive | High-Speed

Tired of downloading torrent at low speed? Or your ISP just blocked the torrent and getting slow downloading speed because of VPN? I got an amazing solution for you! Of course, I am not promoting Piracy with any means!

Let’s Get started !!!

In this tutorial We are going to use Google Collab to download torrent directly into Your Google Drive ! Sounds interesting, isn’t it ?

Step 1:-

Just click on Open With Google Collab. If u don’t see this option directly click on the arrow you will see google collab option over there

Step 2 :- click on Open In Playground

Step3 :- click on Copy to Drive

After clicking on open with open in playground popup will occur resulting in opening new tab. Now this opened copy of notebook is your own.

You can see multiple Cells in Page We will run it one by one !

Step 4 :- Click on Play button on left corner.

After clicking, it will install Python library on google collab which is required to install torrents.

Step5:- Again click on Play button

Now in 2nd tab we need to mount our Google Drive to google collab.

Click on Link which is shown in blue color.

Step 6 :- Authentication

Done & Enjoy 👍❤️

credit : Unknown


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