COVID19-a Pandemic


Nowadays, a virus named SARS-co2 is spread in the whole world. The whole world is suffering from the COVID19 pandemic. INDIA is a vast country and ranked 2nd in the world in terms of population after China. So it becomes a necessity to secure itself from this deadly disease. As it is infectious, so we should be careful about this.

What is it?

A coronavirus is a group of viruses belonging to the coronavirus family. CO stands for corona, VI stands for virus and D stands for the disease. COVID 19 is a disease-causing because of SARS – CoV-2, named by WHO as its symptoms were like of SARS( severe acute respiratory syndrome). The name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2 and the disease named COVID19. It has become a global disaster for the world.


The first case of coronavirus was found in the Hubei province of China ( Wuhan ) and China was the first country that faces this disease.


In 80% of cases, the symptoms are not clearly visible but normally the patient shows normal cough, cold, and problem in breathing. Generally, these can be cured at home. They need not be hospitalized.


The virus is the root cause of spreading. As it is an infectious disease, the virus can sustain in air and on the different matters for long hours. A person can get infected because of interaction with an infected person.


No vaccine has yet formed for this virus and the best medicine to prevent it is to follow certain Guidelines-

  • Prevent social gathering and follow physical distancing.
  • Wash hands again and again after some time for minimum 20 sec.
  • Use alcoholic based sanitizer.
  • Use masks and cover the mouth properly.
  • Follow the guidelines issued by government.

Effect on the economy

To prevent the virus, the world’s big economies are adopting for lockdown and all economic activities have been suspended because of which the growth rate of such countries is facing a great many reports, it has been communicated that the unemployment rate of all the countries has increased which leads to increasing poverty and also the government is raising funds to meet expenditure on their people which has not only increased the loan burden but also the future liability of paying interest. The budget will have more proportion of debt and it may lead to Inflationery situation in the economies. The most diverse effect of this can be seen on the business units.

Effect on environment

As countries are following a lock down, there can be seen a positive impact of this motion over the environment. The air pollution level has been reduced to a considerable extent. The water has also become much clear. Traffic pollution has reported a decline of more than 50%. Noise pollution shows a decline due to this lockdown.

Effect on human

Many people have become insolvent as they have been fired from their work. The Hunger has taken the lives of numerous people. Depression among people is on a great rise because of unemployment, loneliness, home tension. Also, it has been reported that domestic violence with women has been increased. The threat of corona has upset many people from their lives.


COVID19 is a global disaster and all the economies of the world have to be united to face the situation. The general publicist cooperate with the government to help to save our own life.

Written by : – Harsh Goel


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