How To BYPASS Security in Windows 8/8.1

Step 1: Burn a boot USB drive on an accessible computer

  • 1. Install and run Windows Password Genius Advanced on another accessible computer.
  • 2. Select “USB device” media type, and insert a bootable USB flash drive into the computer.
  • 3. Choose then removal device you plugged and click “Begin burning” button.
  • 4. When the “Successfully burning” message pops up, you have burned a boot USB drive that can remove the password.

Step 2: Boot Windows 8/8.1 computer from USB drive I don’t know which PC/laptop/tablet you want to remove Windows 8 password, so now just show you the general way that can set computer boot from a USB drive.

Step 3: Remove administrator password from locked Windows 8/8.1 computer After computer successfully boots from the USB drive you burned, and when you see the Windows Password Genius Advanced program, follow the wizard below to remove administrator password. You can see there list of your computer system and all user accounts.

  • 1. Select the Windows system.
  • 2. Select the user account with admin privileges or that called “Administrator”.
  • 3. Click the “Reset Password” button and click OK or Yes on the pop-up dialog.
  • 4. The selected user password becomes blank. It means you have successfully removed the Windows 8/8.1 administrator password.

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